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The European Conference on Product and Process Modelling (ECPPM) is a biannual conference series dating back to 1994. ECPPM was the first BIM conference founded on the basis of European BIM research projects  preceding IFC and BuildingSMART and has fostered BIM development over the last 18 years. The conference series has gained a recognized position as an important event in the international AEC/FM ICT research agenda. Although with European roots, the ECPPM attracts delegates and prominent speakers from all around the world providing delegates with valuable knowledge and discourse on latest state of the art in ICT research and development in the AEC/FM industry.

Product and Process Modelling Technology effects many aspects in developing ICT support for the AEC/FM industry as a technology for interoperability, collaboration, information sharing, knowledge re-use and virtual environments. Product / Building Information Modelling technology has matured significantly in the last few years and is never closer in making a permanent impact in the AEC/FM industry as a mainstream technology. These developments present exciting opportunities  in innovation of processes, stakeholder collaboration and new ways of delivering services. Further more Product / Building Information Modelling is also being recognized as a key technology in development of sustainable outcomes in all life cycle stages through provision of innovative tools and methods for virtual prototyping, digital mock-ups, visualization, analyses and simulation,, but at the same time presents new challenges for organisations when introducing Product / Building Information Modelling technologies into current work practises as well as in education and skill development of professionals.

The mission of the ECPPM 2012 conference is to identify the most recent achievements and directions in dealing with these exciting, but challenging issues by focusing on Product and Process modelling technology in integrated project working, value-based life cycle management and as support for intelligent and sustainable building and construction.

The ECPPM 2012 aims to bring together leading experts from academia, research, software development and the construction industry to report on, demonstrate and discuss latest achievements both theoretical and practical, emerging trends and future directions in product and process modelling technology and innovative ICT in this dynamic and fragmented industry.

The ECPPM 2012 will continue to encourage active industrial involvement in the conference agenda to identify key challenges, share experiences and success factors in ICT adoption and implementation in design, construction and facility management as well as consolidation and refinement of research agendas represented by national and European Commission programmes and initiatives in current research projects.

The conference programme will combine plenary and parallel thematic sessions and social events to provide amble opportunity for relaxation and re-acquainting and catching-up with colleges, share experiences and team-up with potential partners. Every effort will be made to make the conference, professionally and socially rewarding and we will try our best to make your stay in Iceland pleasant and memorable.

The organisation, scientific management and research orientation of all ECPPM conferences are supported by the European Association of Product and Process Modelling (EAPPM), a non-profit organisation with members from academia, research and industry from most European countries that are actively contributing to the promotion of product and process modelling in the building construction industry and related areas in their countries.

Innovation Center Iceland

The Innovation Center Iceland is a leading R&D institute in Iceland. Our mission is to support innovation, productivity and competitiveness of Icelandic industries by doing research, technology and knowledge transfer. The Center has long-standing research experience in ICT in construction as well as in sustainable and energy efficient buildings.

Innovation Center Iceland was the host of the CIB W78 Information Technology in Construction conference in 2000

European Association of Product and Process Modelling

Innovation Center Iceland

BIM Iceland


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