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ECPPM 2012 invites original contributions addressing all aspects of product and process modelling technology and innovations in Information and Communication Technologies for the AEC/FM industry in agreement with, but not limited to, the following thematic topics.

Thematic Topics

Modeling Modeling fundaments, concepts and approaches, model life-cycle and multi-model management, 4D/ nD modeling, schema and specification languages.
Interoperability In general; organizational, semantic and technological interoperability of AEC/FM processes and systems including relevant open frameworks, platforms, interfaces and standards
Value Chain Process Modeling, Management and Interoperability Process modeling and management of value chain processes and their interoperability e.g. design, manufacturing, site, project, procurement, supply chain and e-business , facility and asset management
Information and Knowledge Modeling and Management Product modeling, Building Information modeling, knowledge modeling and life-cycle management e.g. structuring, organizing, capturing, persisting, integrating, representing, visualizing, maintaining and re-using
Collaboration and team working Addressing new ways of working and communicating, mobility, forms of collaboration, formal models, architectures, behavioral patterns and practices in creating collaboration networks e.g. virtual enterprises, virtual organizations, virtual communities and virtual teams in AEC/FM
Visualization, Simulation and Virtual and Augmented Reality Innovative visualization of datasets, models, information collections and virtual worlds, human-computer interaction, integration of Real-world representations and model based environments, display techniques, hardware components and broad spectrum of computer simulation modeling, analyses, methods, tools and platforms
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Integration of sustainability into life-cycle processes, BIM and energy efficiency in design and construction, energy calculations, Model based design and construction of low carbon, zero-energy and energy plus buildings and products, integration of renewable energy sources and smart energy grids
Smart buildings, ICT based products and services Intelligent devices, embedded systems, device and sensor networks, software and services for real-time monitoring, control and management, standards and specifications, technologies and smart components for integration in buildings and building services
Advanced Engineering Computing and Concurrent Engineering Advanced computational solutions and software for analyses, calculations, reasoning, knowledge building, decision making and problem solving in engineering
Industry Adoption, Practical Application and Experiences Industry experiences with BIM in real multi-disciplinary projects, barriers and challenges in practical application, best practices and deployment strategies. Practical experiences and examples with software compatibility, model exchange requirements, performance issues and benchmarking
Innovative and emerging ICT technologies New and emerging software frameworks, systems, services and applications including supporting  technologies e.g. grid, cloud, mobile, agent, web SOA, AI
Legal and regulatory aspects and frameworks e-government, e-regulations, e-contracts, e-negotiations, e-submissions, security, privacy, intellectual property rights, liability and responsibility in model based design and construction
R&D Innovation and strategy Research roadmaps, research networks, national, international and EU research and development programs and policies
Education and life-long learning Product and process modeling, BIM and virtual design and construction in the classroom and technology assisted learning and professional training


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