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The Best PhD-Paper Award ECPPM 2012

The European Association of Product and Process Modelling (EAPPM) is an organisation for institutions from academia, research and industry that promote the application of Methodologies in Computer Science and Information Technology in the Building Industry. Its primary objective is to support the organisation of the biennially held European Conference on Product and Process Modelling in the Building Industry (ECPPM).

At each ECPPM, the EAPPM will give an award to young researchers for the best paper. The EAPPM encourages participation of young researchers in the ECPPM conference by awarding the paper that best presents innovative ongoing work in terms of fundamental or applied RTD, entered into the Best PhD Paper competition. The recipient of the award will be invited to present the outcomes and achievements of her/his PhD or post doc research at the next ECPPM conference in 2014.

The award will be given to the author of the best PhD-paper presented at ECPPM 2012 in Reykjavik Iceland, written solely or primarily by an author who is a full or part-time PhD student.

Recipient of the best PhD award ECPPM 2010

Angelika Kneidl is a PhD candidate at the Chair for Computational Modeling and Simulation at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Surveying, TU München, Germany. Her research topic is crowd simulation and within this field she is most interested in modeling route choice behavior of pedestrians.

She received the Computer Science Diploma in 2005 at the TU München and started working as a consultant with focus on Asset Management for over three years before she decided to go back to University to get a PhD degree. Her work on crowd simulation is embedded in a German Research project REPKA (www.repka-evakuierung.de), in which a training simulator for training security staff has been developed. Two journal articles and ten contributions to conference proceedings have been published about her work to date.

Work and Presentation (Terms of Eligibility)

  • The presented work should address a relevant topic for information technology in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry.
  • The work should express significant innovation in the field.
  • PhD Students should at least be in the second year of their PhD phase.
  • The PhD work of the eligible researcher should not be older than 2 years.
  • PhD Students is required to present the paper at the ECPPM.
  • The paper of a PhD student may have the PhD supervisor and/or the supervising senior engineer as co-author(s). In this case the supervisor and/or the supervising senior engineer have to declare that the main part was done by the student.
  • The committee is expecting that the award recipient or their supervisor will report the progress of their work with a presentation at the next ECPPM.

Paper Review

  • Each paper will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers.
  • Final decision will be made at the round table of all reviewers where the 5 best-rated papers will be presented by the chairperson of the award committee. The suggested scores are discussed and the final decision is made by the majority of the committee.
  • In case, two or more papers have equal scores. The final decision is made by the conference host.

Award Committee

  • The award committee consists of a chairperson and the three vice chairpersons of the conference (i.e. of the EAPPM steering committee).
  • Additional researchers can be nominated by the conference host and have to be approved by the award committee in written form.
  • The award committee should count 4 persons at least but no more than 8.
  • For ECPPM 2012, the chairperson of the award committee is Prof. Raimar Scherer (President of EAPPM)
Recipient selection is administered by the EAPPM Steering Committee through the ECPPM 2012 Awards Council which is composed of eight experts from industry and academia:
  • Prof. Raimar Scherer (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany - Awards Council Chair and President EAPPM)
  • Mr. Gudni Gudnason (Innovation center Iceland, Iceland - Chair ECPPM 2012)
  • Prof. Karsten Menzel (University College Cork, Ireland - Chair ECPPM 2010)
  • Prof. Robert  Amor (University of Auckland,  New Zealand - Chair ECPPM 1998)
  • Prof. Ardeshir  Mahdavi (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
  • Mr. Tuomas Laine (Granlund Oy, Finland)
  • Prof. Vitaly Semenov (ISP RAS, Russia )
  • Prof. Leandro Madrazo (ARC Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle, Spain)

Award items include

  • A certificate to acknowledge the award,
  • Honorarium payable at the next ECPPM and covering the expenses for participation in the next ECPPM (full conference fee including conference dinner and proceedings, accommodation for 3 nights, max. Euro 500)


  • PhD students apply by a short notice when submitting the paper or by writing to the conference host, attaching a short CV.
  • In addition applicants can be appointed by the members of the award committee.

To enter Best PhD Paper competition for ECPPM 2012, please send an e-mail before 4th of July 2012. to ecppm2012@nmi.is with subject “Best PhD Paper Competition Entry”. with author short CV, paper id and paper title in the message.

Evaluation Criteria will consider

  • Clarity and Originality;
  • Potential impact;
  • Publication of significant and profound new and non-obvious research concept,
  • An approach in a subject area which relates to Information Technology in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, but which has broader impact across other aspects of Computer Science and Civil Engineering;
  • Patents, starting a company based on a fundamental contribution.
  • Ability to provide with a clear and synthetic view on RTD work in a 20min presentation;
  • Ease in reply to the questions.


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